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With the continuous development of oil and gas exploration towards complex, low permeability and unconventional reservoirs, technologies such as vertical well staged fracturing and horizontal well multi-stage fracturing are more and more widely used. At present, shale reservoirs are generally developed by volume fracturing technology, in which identifying fracture type and scale is an international problem that needs to be solved in-field. At present, the fracturing effect evaluation is mainly divided into three categories, which can not evaluate the fracturing effect well:

(1) Physical monitoring means: micro seismic, potential monitoring method and wide area electromagnetic method are used to realize fracture identification, but this method has high cost, difficult construction, low accuracy, and can not obtain parameters such as permeability and formation pressure.

(2) Post fracturing pressure recovery test: it is not easy to obtain accurate formation  parameters and original formation pressure in the pressure recovery test of shale reservoir, and the fracture half-length parameter obtained is an average value of multiple fractures, so the description of fracturing effect is not detailed enough.

(3) Post fracturing data analysis: the ground pressure and flow in the production data fluctuate greatly, and the wellbore multiphase pipe flow makes the pressure conversion have  a large error, and it can be implemented for a long time after fracturing, which also makes it difficult for the flowback data analysis method to obtain accurate formation parameters.

In order to better improve the effect of reservoir exploration and development and evaluate and analyze the fracturing effect, it is urgent to put forward a real-time, accurate and low-cost fracture identification method on site.

Study on fracturing fracture evaluation method of shale gas well based on stop pump pressure data.

Investigation and application case analysis of fracturing  evaluation methods of unconventional oil and gas reservoirs at home and abroad.

Adaptability analysis of fracturing pump stop data analysis method in deep shale gas wells in South Sichuan.

Optimization of fracturing pump stop data analysis model for unconventional oil and gas reservoirs.

Study on solving method of fracturing pump stop data model in unconventional oil and gas reservoir.

Field application of data evaluation method of shale gas well pump shutdown.

Field test of fracturing pump stop data analysis method for unconventional oil and gas reservoir.

Implementation effect evaluation and analysis method optimization.

Marine shale gas resources in Sichuan Basin are mainly contained in deep layers with burial depth greater than 3500m. The reservoir has the characteristics of large burial depth  (greater than 3500m), high temperature (greater than 100 ℃) and high pressure (greater than 70MPa). Multi-stage fracturing horizontal wells are widely used for development, and the development cost of a single well exceeds 30 million yuan. In order to stably and efficiently exploit shale gas, it is necessary to evaluate the fracturing effect and formulate a reasonable shut-in and flowback system.

Through the fracturing pump shutdown data analysis method formed in the project, it is only necessary to install a pressure gauge at the wellhead during the fracturing process to record the pressure data in the whole process, and the subsequent data analysis method can be used to evaluate the fracturing scale, which is not only much lower than the physical means such as micro-seismic, but also simple and convenient to operate. At the same time, because the method can provide parameters such as fracture half-length and permeability, it can also guide the shut-in and flowback scheme in the later stage, and reasonably plan the gas production system.

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