Products>>Project Development>>Research on key exploration well  technology in Jungar basin of oil testing company in 2020

With the increasing exploration and development efforts in Jungar basin, the exploration and development objects are becoming more and more complex, the reservoir quality is becoming more and more diverse, the coexistence of "low porosity, low permeability, low production" and "high temperature, high pressure and high production" is presented, and the well conditions and working conditions are getting worse, which leads to the increasing difficulty of exploration and development. At the same time, limited by the unfavorable factors such as the difficulty of field data acquisition and low utilization degree, after comprehensive benefit evaluation, our company combined with the field experience, compiled a practical program to conduct real-time analysis for the field test data, quickly evaluate the reservoir, effectively identify and prevent the risks, correctly guide the field production, and ensure the successful production of safety oil test operation and post well completion.

At present, the lower southern margin of Jungar basin has made a historic breakthrough, showing great exploration potential and bright prospects. However, the geological conditions in the southern margin of Jungar basin are complex, and the understanding of exploration is  low. Through technical research on the target block and breaking through the bottleneck technical problems, the matching technology for oil and gas reservoir testing of the middle lower combination reservoirs in the southern margin of Jungar basin will be initially formed, which will provide support for the construction of large oil and gas areas in the southern margin.

Through the steps of theoretical model establishment, software programming, field  application, improvement and optimization, a set of dynamic analysis technology of well testing data suitable for Jungar basin is formed.

Study on high pressure physical parameters of oil, gas and water. 

Theoretical study of gas-liquid two-phase vertical pipe flow in wellbore.

Study on calculation method of IPR (inflow performance) and OPR  (outflow performance) curves for oil and gas wells.

Research on Optimization Design of oil and gas well production system.

The software for wellbore node analysis of oil and gas wells is developed and applied in the field.

Our company has long carried out the theoretical research and software development of oil and gas nodes, mainly focusing on the formation seepage, wellbore pipe flow, oil and gas nozzle throttling and productivity prediction of each well, providing the integrated production system optimization from underground to throttle valve to surface. According to the geological characteristics and reservoir characteristics of conventional oil and gas reservoirs, shale gas reservoirs and tight gas reservoirs, the factors restricting the production of oil and gas wells are found out, and the production process and recovery factor are optimized, which has important guiding significance for the productivity prediction of oil and gas wells and the optimization of production system, and has great advantages while similar companies don’t have.

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