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Congratulation to Our Company Passed the Identification of the First Batch of High-tech  Enterprises in Anhui Province in 2015

Publish Date: 2015-12-20  Author: Chengong Technology Department

2015 is a year of continuous innovation and rapid development in the overall level of market economy and the industry. Anhui Province has also carried out major reformation to the previous identification methods of high-tech enterprises, and greatly raised the threshold for intellectual property rights and innovation activities of enterprises. If enterprises want to pass the identification, first of all, they should have a number of core independent intellectual property rights, and have a strict and quantitative evaluation system for R&D management, achievement transformation ability, growth and other indicators, which is the evaluation of the comprehensive strength of enterprises.

Company leaders attach great importance to the re-declaration of high-tech enterprises, because the declaration work time is urgent, involves a wide range of materials, the company leaders held a special meeting, actively deployed, organized a high-tech enterprise identification working group, especially responsible for this work. All departments make careful preparations, technical departments review and integrate R&D projects, finance departments provide financial data and statements, and complete the preparation, submission, binding and reporting of declaration materials in the shortest possible time. With the joint efforts of everyone, the declaration work was successfully completed in mid-March. On November 10, 2015, our company received the "High-tech Enterprise Certificate" issued by Anhui Science and Technology Department, marking the our company passes the first batch of "High-tech Enterprises" in Anhui Province in 2015 successfully.

The successful identification of high-tech enterprises not only shows that Chengong Science and Technology has strong technical strength and the ability to transform high and new achievements, but also can further improve the industry status and brand ability of our company. Our company will take this opportunity to further increase R&D investment, quickly respond to the needs of users, develop more and better petroleum software products, and contribute to the unique value of Chengong Science and Technology for the core competitiveness of Chinese oil industry and enterprises.

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