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 Multiple Development Projects Pass the Acceptance Check Successfully in 2015

Publish Date: 2015-11-20  Author: Chengong Technology Department

After years of cooperation with the oil field, technology and service of our company have been recognized, by improving the technology, continuing development in depth, a number of development projects have been successfully completed acceptance check!

In the project of researching on the Establishment and solution of numerical Model of ASP flooding (Polymer flooding), our company cooperates with the branch of Daqing Oilfield company to carry out the research of unstructured division method, discrete and simultaneous  solution method, the solution method of linear equation group whose coefficient matrix is large sparse matrix and the analytical well testing method based on power law fluid and Bingham fluid. Unstructured grid division techniques suitable for numerical well testing, discrete and linear equations solving techniques and visualization techniques are formed.

GW-AutoWarning Drilling Automatic Warning Software System can realize the functions of real-time acquisition of well site data, alarm information storage, automatic alarm and alarm viewing. The software can accept in-field single well real time data, base multi well real time data, and reserve WITSML data interface, which can be combined with WITSML application development project. According to the combination of engineering abnormal logging parameters and related parameters provided by logging company, the variation law of curve combination and the description of characteristics, the analysis and judgment model and algorithm, rule are established, and then stored according to the type combination, forming discriminant knowledge base to realize the data storage and management of automatic warning system.

WITSML application program provides WITSML international standard support for data storage and processing, including WITSML data model analysis and data modeling, WITSML application program interface standard research, server WITSML standard interface software development, client WITSML standard interface software development, WITSML data remote transmission  implementation, user authorization management and authority verification. The software system has the characteristics of good implementation of WITSML standard, powerful data publishing function, real-time data conversion function, powerful data compression function and so on.

The research and development of the project has led to the progress and development of the company technology, and the successful acceptance check has shown the maturity of the technology and the affirmation of the market. The research project of numerical model establishment and solution method of ASP flooding (polymer flooding) shows that the technology has reached the international advanced level in the field of reservoir numerical simulation. GW-AutoWarning Drilling Automatic Warning Software and WITSML Application Software System have been online as a whole and are in the formal application stage. The software has the advantages of simple operation, powerful function, multilingual support and Chinese and English versions, and has entered the international market. It has been applied in Cuba, Iran, Iraq and other countries, and has improved the popularity and competitiveness of the software. In the future, the company will continue to work hard to strive for a higher level of scientific research results, to promote the development of the industry!

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